Our mission is to both provide holistic health options and educate our patients on how to enhance their body’s ability to heal itself, to look and feel its best. The founders of Oak Point Health and Vitality Centre, Dimitri and Anna, provide you with the highest quality care in acupuncture, massage and skin therapy, as well as holistic health counseling. With a well-rounded commitment in holistic health, our treatments address issues at the ROOT level. 


Hours of operation:
Tuesday: 11am — 8pm
Wednesday & Thursday: 10am — 7pm
Friday:  8:30am — 5:30pm
Saturday: 9am — 4pm
Sunday & Monday: Closed


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On the Oak Point Method:

Using Exstore functional assessment not only revolutionized my practice - it began to change peoples’ lives. Finding the dysfuntion first allows me to be specific with my treatment. This has attracted 600 new patients per year since 2010.
— Dr. Anthony J. Lombardi
Oak Point... has kept my body feeling 100% on the field and reduced my injuries. When I do get hurt, I find that my recovery is much faster than [in] the past.”
— Panayiotis Onisiforou; Professional Soccer Player