You feel a warm and loving atmosphere as soon as you walk through the door - reflective of the type of treatment you will receive from Anna and Dimitri. I have been receiving facials from Anna for a few months now. I am impressed by the all-natural/organic products used. Even more importantly, I learn new things about skin care each time I go to oak point. She possesses a gentle yet skillful approach to caring for skin. Anna will go above and beyond to help you achieve your better self.
— E.P.
This place is AMAZING! Dimitri and Anna are very welcoming and comforting. That’s a plus for me especially when dealing with back and neck pain for weeks. When I left I realized I can turn my neck without cringing in pain! He gave me so much info that I really didn’t receive from doctors and PT’s. I’m sticking with Dimitri’s plan on my road to 100% recovery!!
I’m so grateful Oak Point exists and I highly recommend them to anyone!! Yay!!
— F.M.
I have been for two facials and a massage so far, at both visits I was seen by Anna. She was exceptional! Gentle and calming/soothing when needed, but also with a firm touch to work out those knots “that all New Yorkers have” in the upper back and neck muscles! I have not had a better massage in more expensive “brand name” spas in the city, I can tell you that. And the facial left my skin glowing for days, I still get complements... I was so relaxed during the facial I fell asleep at times. They truly provide personalized attention to ensure the best experience possible, which is a lot more than what you get at the factory-like spas in the City.
They also have a solid medical background upon which to base their treatments - and this is coming from a healthcare professional, too. This husband and wife team cannot be beat and they can add me to their loyal fan base. I will be going back regularly for continued treatments.
— A.K.
Living in a hectic, often unhealthy, urban environment can make it challenging for anyone to maintain balance. That’s where Oak Point comes in. Dimitri and Anna are caring and skilled holistic guides and together, they’ve created an oasis in Astoria. Each treatment leaves me recharged - both inside and out - and most importantly, my sessions at Oak Point have helped me take more responsibility for my state of mind and body.
— M.Z.
Ok! You all must visit Anna and Dimitri at Oak Point Health and Vitality Centre! If you want to experience a sense of serenity and peace, Oak Point services by Anna and Dimitri is the place to go! They are both extremely educated and inform you of the process of the treatment you will be serviced before and after so that you know what is going on! I received my first acupuncture and massage treatment not too long ago where I was literally glowing afterwards and felt so relaxed! Anna and Dimitri know the exact points to target to release the tension in your muscles, without medication! This holistic approach is phenomenal! I was also given tips and guidance of how to keep myself healthy and relaxed after the treatment. In addition, I received several microdermabrasion treatments for my long embedded teenage acne scars where my face is now so much smoother, softer, and acne scars: GONE! Given that my skin is extremely sensitive, Anna and Dimitri use organic products which work wonders on sensitive skin! Thank you Anna and Dimitri!
— Maria P.
As an tri-athlete, I have always found it very difficult to get through a season injury-free. I have been looking for an insightful therapist. I have finally found one in Dimitri Boules. A few months ago, I started seeing Dimitri for acupuncture. Now just a few months later I am injury-free and ready to hit the ground running. He has not only treated for my injury, but has also taught me how to take care of my body in a more natural way conducive to my training and way of life. I highly recommend Dimitri.
— Lisa B.
After over a year of suffering with knee pain I was diagnosed with a slight tear in my meniscus, I was going to physical therapy (p/t) twice a week, for about 2 months, and I felt good while I was in the therapist’s office but once I left the office and walked about a block the pain returned. I finally bit the bullet and went to Dimitri for treatment and just after the first session I was able to walk without a limp for the first time in months! I could not believe it!
Also, the gym which I am a member of had a fundraising event and Dimitri and Anna offered their services for donations to a charity. I got a 20-minute massage from Anna. TOTALLY AMAZING! I felt like a totally new woman!
— Susan M.
My allergies made me itch - not the normal, scratch for a second and move on kind of itch - the cut my skin, make me bleed and leave scars kind of itch. One doctor told me I was crazy and should see a therapist, while another called me, laughing hysterically, saying “You’re allergic to everything; no wonder you itch.” My allergist told me “I can’t figure out why you can’t stop itching, but I can help you manage it.” With pills. Lots of pills. After almost a year of taking pills, I was STILL itching, bad! I was miserable. I started to think maybe I was crazy. Then, I started seeing Dimitri and what a difference! It’s been about 2 months and with the combination of acupuncture and herbs, I’ve gone over 2 WEEKS without itching! Even more amazing, I’ve been able to start slowly reducing the amount of allergy pills I take every day; a goal second only to making the itching stop! Best of all, Dimitri is as excited as I am. He genuinely cares and is invested. More than a year after allergies have taken control of my life, I’m starting to feel (and look) normal again, and I absolutely owe that 100% to Dimitri. He never gave up and never let me think I was “crazy”. Thanks to Dimitri, I will eventually get through my days with no itching and no pills.
— Lindsey R.
Dimitri Boules is not only a well-informed professional, but is able to effectively communicate his knowledge of fitness to clients such as myself. During our initial training sessions, Dimitri assessed my fitness level and muscle movements in order to create a training program specific to my needs and personal fitness goals. After only two months of training, through simple, yet creative routines, Dimitri helped me to correct muscle imbalances, and build lean muscle mass. With his guidance and clear training methods, I have been able to achieve my fitness goals adding 7 pounds of lean muscle mass and relieving muscular aches and pains by correcting imbalances. As a personal trainer myself, I continue to train with Dimitri to maintain my level of fitness and I recommend him to anyone looking to find new, more effective ways of exercising and training.
— Ethan B.