An effective and increasingly popular therapy that has evolved into a complete and holistic medical system, acupuncture offers treatments that arepersonalized to a patient's unique constitution, signs, and symptoms. Practitioners of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine have used this non-invasive medical system for thousands of years to both prevent and treat disease. The acupuncturist places fine sterile needles on various "acupoints"-activating and balancing the body's Qi (pronounced chee), which promotes natural healing.

Sports Acupuncture

Sports Acupuncture is an integration of:

  • Modern sports medicine and orthopedic assessment
  • Modern and traditional acupuncture
  • Corrective exercises

The combination is a comprehensive approach to treating pain, sports injuries and postural imbalances as well as enhance athletic performance.

Neurofunctional Acupuncture

An effective & efficient form of contemporary acupuncture that restores normal nervous system activity, joint function, and soft tissue (muscles,ligament,tendon) integrity. This style of acupuncture is taught to the U.S. Military battlefield doctors who are awestruck by the immediate results using this modern approach to acupuncture.

Japanese Style Acupuncture

Acupuncture has its roots in China where it is still called traditional Chinese medicine. However, this medicine long ago spread throughout Asia into countries such as Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Even though the fundamental theory remained the same, the application and delivery was different. For example, the Japanese style of acupuncture we practice at Oak Point utilizes much thinner needles than traditional Chinese acupuncture and focuses more on abdominal diagnosis and palpation.  This style is ideal for internal medical conditions such as infertility, digestive issues, etc.

Upon your initial evaluation, the acupuncturist will determine which style of acupuncture would be appropriate for your condition.


By utilizing suction cups to help stimulate the flow of Qi and blood to the superficial layers of the skin, cupping allows the practitioner to address familiar issues like muscular pain by detoxing injured tissues while at the same time increasing fresh blood and oxygen to them. It can also be used to assist the body in combating viral and bacterial illness such as flu and common cold.

Electrical Stimulation

In a blending of the modern and the ancient, needles are stimulated with electrical pulsation. "E-Stim" has been proven to enhance the benefits of acupuncture especially with neuromuscular conditions and pain management.


A form of massage used in Oriental Medicine, Tui-Na focuses on reducing muscle tension and realigning joints. Tui-Na is usually performed after the acupuncture treatment of musculoskeletal and joint issues.