What is PostureFIT?

Posture is an essential component of optimal human design. The structural framework of your body, directly relates to your life performance. By supporting the strength of the body through the finest design posture, you enhance your ability to move, feel and look better.

In order to get long lasting postural correction our approach integrates:

  1. Spinal Alignment

  2. Posture Rehabilitation & Posture Taping

  3. Posture Habit Re-education

Spinal Alignment: Proper spinal alignment is achieved through gentle realignment techniques of the spinal column and other joints. The techniques that we use are non-thrust and although popping/clinching of the joints is not what we aim for, it may occur.

Posture Rehabilitation & Posture Taping: exercises are utilized to correct postural distortion compensation patterns. Postural distortions arise from spinal misalignment. Chronic spinal misalignments cause muscular dysfunction patterns affecting the movement of the body, weakened joint function an unbalanced equilibrium, and abnormal curvatures of the sections of the spine. Posture taping is applied once a week to constantly remind you to stay in upright/correct posture instead of using an uncomfortable brace.

Posture Habit Re-education: The importance of proper postural habits in postural correction is a key component to achieving long-term changes. The Postural Re-education system created by Oak Point Health & Vitality Centre utilizes effective techniques to re-train your postural anatomy and physiology.


All PostureFit programs include a posture kit, which includes everything you will need for your home exercises and habit re-education. (A $100-$250 value)