Why we check your child’s posture when you bring them in for asthma treatment

Recently, I began treating a woman who was dealing with both knee and low back pain. She’d been referred by a friend -- also an Oak Point patient -- and was brand new to the world of acupuncture. Of course, we took our time to answer all her questions and address all her concerns before proceeding. This enables practitioner and patient to work together as a team and thus attain quicker and long lasting results.

After a couple of treatments, we were able to use a combination of acupuncture, corrective exercises, and kinesio tape to relieve her pain and she was sold. That’s when she told me her 9-year-old son had exercise-induced asthma, asking if I could help him. Since acupuncture is usually effective for chronic asthma, I agreed to examine the little guy and get a better idea if he’d be a good candidate. 

When his mother brought him in for an examination, the first thing I noticed was his posture:

  • Rounded shoulders  
  • Neck jutting forward
  • His back looked like the letter C (instead of the normal S curve)

After evaluating the youngster, I recommended we try another form of treatment before delving into acupuncture. If the child’s bad posture is not addressed, I explained, acupuncture treatments could only bring temporary relief. By improving his posture, we’d help with three very important factors for healthy breathing:

  1. Decompress the lungs
  2. Allow the ribcage to move freely
  3. Enable the diaphragm to expand

To understand what I mean, I invite you try something. Right now, as you’re reading this. Roll your shoulders forward and hunch your back. Now try taking a deep breath. Next, stand in a good, tall posture while taking another deep breath. Notice a difference? I’ll bet you were able to take a much deeper/fuller breath the second time around. With that concept in mind, by correcting the child’s posture, we allow his organs and body to function better and help eliminate the symptoms of asthma. 

Our 12-week PostureFit kids program introduces structural alignment along with home exercises and Posture Taping, all of which will help rehabilitate your child’s posture and create healthy habits. By the end of the 12 weeks, we’ve noticed that our little patients have more confidence, improved performance in the classroom and while playing sports, as well as better overall posture.

Remember, children with bad posture grow up to be adults with even worse posture. The sooner they improve it, the healthier they will be. Reach out to us today to find out more!


Written by Dimitri Boules LAc, LMT, CPE, CPT