What is Sports Acupuncture?

How does Acupuncture work? As I’ve previously described, this is the most common question I’m asked. Running an increasingly close second, however, is: “What is Sports Acupuncture?”

Many of you are surely familiar with sports doctors, sports medicine, even sports chiropractors—but “sports acupuncturist” is not yet a popular term. Even though it might sound new, acupuncturists have been successfully treating sports injuries for hundreds of years.

In short, Sports Acupuncture is a combination of:

  • Contemporary and traditional Acupuncture
  • Modern sports medicine and orthopedics
  • Corrective exercises

By utilizing all of the above, we can very effectively treat the whole person and not just the site of the pain (which, unfortunately, is what most patients get today). Due to the absence of a truly holistic approach, patients take longer to heal, don’t heal properly, and/or don’t get the results they desire—leaving them in pain even after an extensive and lengthy rehabilitation.

At Oak Point Health & Vitality Centre, we address the area of pain for which you sought treatment, of course. However, our practitioners also identify the area of dysfunction from which the problem stems. For example, many of our patients—from pro or amateur athletes to weekend warriors—present with knee injuries which actually developed due to hip dysfunction. If we do not address both aspects, these patients will never fully recover, leaving them with chronic knee issues.

For someone with a knee injury, a typical Oak Point session with our Sports Acupuncturist Dimitri would look like this:

  1. Assess for the dysfunction that caused the knee pain/injury
  2. Address this dysfunction (very common areas: hip or ankle)
  3. After addressing the dysfunction, treat the area of pain in order to speed up the healing process
  4. Recommend post-treatment corrective exercises to enhance clinical results and strengthen areas of dysfunction and injury

If you’ve experienced conventional treatments and they did not work for you, I’d recommend trying our holistic approach using Sports Acupuncture. Schedule your complimentary consult today!


Written by Dimitri Boules LAc, LMT, CPE, CPT