This spring, stop allergies the natural way!

The sneezing, the sniffling, the red, swollen, and watery eyes. Lately, we’re encountering more seasonal allergy complaints than ever. The common refrain from patients is: “My allergies are really bad this year!” This statement is backed up by research. Nasal allergies affect about 50 million people in the U.S. and the numbers are rising.

  • 30 percent of adults experience symptoms.
  • For children, it’s 40 percent!
  • In 2010, Americans with nasal swelling spent about $17.5 billion on health costs.
  • This resulted in 16 million doctor visits and 6 million work/school days lost.     

At Oak Point Health & Vitality Centre, we employ a natural approach that can eliminate allergy symptoms once and for all. In addition, we can work on our patients’ allergy issues while they’re getting treatments for other physical ailments. This results in another common refrain: “I had no idea Acupuncture could help with allergies!” It most certainly can. In fact, many medical journals are now recommending Acupuncture as a natural therapy to treat allergies

But this wouldn’t be an Oak Point post if we didn’t focus on the bigger picture! To follow are three natural steps you can take immediately. These will not only decrease allergy symptoms but also have the potential to reduce or even eliminate the use of over-the-counter medications!

  1. Take 1000mg of Vitamin C—three to five times daily (reduce dosage if gastro-intestinal issues occur). Among its many benefits, Vitamin C has a natural antihistamine effect.
  2. Probiotics decrease the potential for allergies. Take a probiotic containing at least 4 billion organisms of lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidus daily.
  3. Try Acupuncture, along with facial cupping. These modalities will help eliminate congestion and headaches, improve lymphatic flow, and regulate the immune function of your body.         

You can get back to enjoying the outdoors without the suffering. And you can do this without medications and side effects. To find out more about natural methods to reduce the effects of seasonal allergies, schedule an appointment at Oak Point now

Written by Dimitri Boules LAc, LMT, CPE, CPT