Oak Point's natural solution to PMS and menstrual pain.

At OAK POINT HEALTH & VITALITY CENTER, we have many patients that come seeking treatment for PMS and menstrual cramps. Western Medicine has little to offer and the options available often have unwanted side effects. Acupuncture and holistic medicine are very effective and safe options for most women. After all, women have been enjoying the rich history of Acupuncture in treating gynecological issues. The key is to give it enough time and enough treatment to see if it is giving the patient relief before deciding to stop treatments and throw in the towel on this natural approach.

In my experience, women averaging 25 years respond quicker than 30 - 40 year old patients and that is due typically to the amount of time a patient has had the problem for. The longer the condition has been around, the more time/treatment they will need.

In our medicine, PMS and menstrual cramping is due to Liver imbalances. The Liver is responsible for circulating Qi (energy) and blood through the body but many times that could stagnate (which causes PMS and cramping). Many things could get the Liver "cranky". Anger, pent up emotions, frustrations, diet, just to name a few. The goal of Acupuncture, nutritional recommendation and herbal formulas are to restore proper Liver energetics in order to eliminate the PMS and menstrual pain.

Many women just don't address this issue and think that what they are feeling every month is normal … IT”S NOT! Suffering before, during and/or after your period shouldn’t be normal. Calling out from work, canceling plans, taking pain killers is not something you should put up with.

Here are some Nutritional supplements that can help:
     - Krill oil: Has phosphorolipids which is ideal for women’s health. It also helps stabilize mood (3000mg daily).
     - Calcium and Magnesium: Natural muscle relaxers. Calcium improves mood and water retention (1000mg/day). Magnesium deficiency is linked to PMS (360mg 3 x a day).

Nutritional Recommendations:

This in my opinion is the most important of all. The Standard American Diet (SAD) is enough to cause a host of health problems such as:
     - Hormonal imbalances
     - Increased weight gain
     - Low serotonin levels
     - Poor metabolism

All of which cause or worsen PMS and menstrual pain.

That is why one should:

  1. Avoid eating refined sugar.
  2. Eat more organic fruits, vegetables and meats (free from added hormones and synthetic agents). This one step will have profound benefits to you health.
  3. Drink a lot of water.
  4. Avoid coffee: It is an irritant to the LV and LI and causes blood stagnation over time (chronic stagnation can turn into fibrocystic conditions).
  5. Get plenty of exercise. Yoga, cardio, weight training are all good. Any kind of exercise will be great when your body is healing.

By combining the above recommendations with Acupuncture therapy, our patients have been getting great results and have a normal cycle. If you or someone you know deals with PMS and menstrual pain, call and schedule your complimentary consultation today. Let’s work together and end the suffering.


Written by Dimitri Boules LAc, LMT, CPE, CPT