“My Doctor Could Not Believe It!”

At Oak Point Health & Vitality Centre, it’s become normal to hear patients reporting awesome news after their treatments. There was one case, however, that was a little…different. Let’s rewind this story back to the beginning. 

A man with low back pain came to see me. After examining him, I suggested he consider Sports Acupuncture techniques. He agreed and, after a couple of sessions, was feeling much better. That’s when he confided in me that he and his wife had been attempting to start a family for a while. They’d even tried Assisted Reproductive Techniques (such as IVF and IUI) but unfortunately were unsuccessful. 

One of the many complications was that the low back patient had low sperm count. He asked me if Acupuncture could help with fertility. I informed him that it could indeed help, encouraging them both to get treatments in order to get the best possible results. Here’s where the real awesomeness kicked in.

 By coincidence, the following day, he went for more tests. His doctor informed him that his sperm count was significantly higher. He was on no new medication, didn’t change his diet or alcohol consumption, and smoked the same amount of cigarettes. The only change since the last sperm count test was, you guessed it, getting Acupuncture treatments!  

“My doctor could not believe it!” he told me. Of course, he asked if the Acupuncture he was receiving for his back could’ve had something to do with it. I’m glad to say it did.  

The points I used on him not only help with back pain, but also stimulate the kidneys. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, your kidneys are responsible for many things including reproduction and reproductive organs. By stimulating those points, we were able to get his body to function optimally, which increased his sperm count.  

Let me clarify: I am not a fertility expert and make no claims that I can increase every man’s sperm count. What I’m showcasing is how Acupuncture enhances your body in many ways. When one gets treated for muscle pain, we are also helping the body achieve and maintain balance. This explains why many of our Sports Medicine and/or orthopedic patients sleep better, have better digestion, and experience less stress, less headaches, less PMS, etc.  

If you want to heal your body and optimize your body’s performance, give us a call and schedule your FREE screening today. Let us show you how we can help you feel, move, and look better! 

Written by Dimitri Boules LAc, LMT, CPE, CPT