5 Steps to Better Posture AND Better Health at Oak Point!

The other day, my NYC Metrocard not only got me a ride home, it also inspired a blog post. As I glanced around the crowded subway car, I noticed that every single passenger had bad posture. Hunched over smart phones and books while seated or simply standing in that end-of-the-work-day slouch, my co-commuters were inadvertently (and probably painfully) reminding me how rare it is witness good posture these days.

At Oak Point Health and Vitality Centre, many of the patients we see with acute and chronic injuries can trace those conditions back to the root cause of bad posture, e.g. necks jutting forward, rounded shoulders, and low backs without the natural curve of the spine. Such postural distortions can cause the body to move abnormally and, as a result, lead to unnecessary stress and potential degeneration. 

Many health practitioners recognize these issues but lack a 360-degree approach in addressing them. Some will focus primarily on stretching and exercise to improve posture focus while others only emphasize spinal alignment. These treatment methods, when performed individually, have been proven ineffective. 

This is where the Oak Point 12-week postureFIT program steps in to fill the void. We combine a variety of techniques to improve one’s posture thus, after 12 weeks, our patients look, feel, and move demonstrably better. Here are the 5 components of our postureFIT program:

  1. Spinal and structural alignment. We use gentle mobilization techniques to align the spine (and other joints) to improve both function and movement. 
  2. Postural alignment exercise program. Exercises to be performed daily by the patient to strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight muscles. 
  3. 60min massage therapy session. Performed once a week to enhance the benefits of the exercise program and loosen up taut tissues that can cause dysfunctional movement patterns. 
  4. Postural Taping. A technique to help patients maintain proper posture throughout their day. 
  5. Posture re-education. We teach patients how to set up their workspace ergonomically as well as provide posture-check reminders to help form good habits. 

Of the many Oak Point patients who have enjoyed the benefits of our 12-week postureFIT program, one that stands out is a professional soccer player who came to see us with the following symptoms:

  • Increased injury rate
  • Difficulty with deep breathing
  • Shoulder weakness
  • Feeling of heaviness in his legs whenever he ran or jumped

Like most of us, this footballer presented with less than ideal posture. Three weeks into the program, however, he saw major improvements in both his on-field performance and with all of the above issues. By enhancing body alignment, we were able to improve body function and help him reach his full athletic potential. 

If you’d like to feel, look, and move better, contact us today for an appointment. Your body will thank you.


Written by Dimitri Boules LAc, LMT, CPE, CPT