3 Tips On How To Reduce Sports Injuries! - Part 1

As a Sports Acupuncturist, I see a variety of Sports injuries and Chronic pain come through the clinic. My goal is not only to have our patients Feel & Move Better FAST, it is also to educate them on how to avoid re-injury. I know, a horrible business model but it works.

I would like to introduce the 1st of a three part blog that will dramatically decrease your risk of injury and allow you to reach your health and fitness goals pain free. 

Very often, patients come in with some sort of injury and say something along the lines of “I started running and all of a sudden my hamstring popped! I have to admit, I didn’t warm up.” 

See, a lot of the injuries I see at Oak Point could have been avoided if the patient actually warmed up properly. By warming up properly I mean an actual warm up and not a few stretches and then jumping into the workout! 

Proper Warm Up

  1. First, you want to increase your heart rate and warm up your muscles to get your body & mind ready for strenuous exercise. This can be a 5-10min brisk walk or a light jog depending on your current fitness level.

  2. After your muscles warm up a bit, it is a good idea to stretch them. When muscles are looser, it allows them, along with the joints they cross, to move better. Stretching the major muscles of the body is a good start! Hold each stretch for 30-45sec.

  3. Activity specific warm up. If you are getting ready to do a bench press, it might be a good idea to perform a push up as a warm up. This will activate the muscles that will be recruited during the bench press and mimic the exercise you are about to do. I typically recommend 1 set of 10 reps.

So if you want to see less of me, make sure you add the proper warm up mentioned above to your exercise program. If you do have an injury or chronic pain, schedule your appointment today. You deserve to feel AMAZING! 

Written by Dimitri Boules LAc, LMT