5 Supplements You Really Want to Take if You Suffer from Lower Back Pain

Back pain is the #1 cause of disability in the U.S. It’s also the second most common reasons for seeing a doctor (after upper respiratory tract infections). Therefore, it’s likely that most of you reading this post have experienced back pain in your life.

Most of those who come to Oak Point Health & Vitality Centre to get their back treated have already tried:

  • Rest
  • Heat
  • Ice
  • Foam rolling
  • Stretching
  • And more!

All of these are great choices that can help speed up the healing process—while you are getting Sports Acupuncture and/or Massage Therapy at our clinic. But, at Oak Point, we like take things a step further. We like to do everything possible to help our patients. Our goal is to get you out of pain—naturally—and back to moving and performing better.

What role does nutrition play in treating back pain?

Nutrition is a form of medicine. It will help relieve inflammation and pain: from the inside out. External stimuli like acupuncture, massage, foam rolling, etc. are geared to reduce pain, muscle spasm, and inflammation. Nutrition offers internal balance to you treatment strategy. I often recommend supplements to our patients that suffer from lower back (or any type) of pain. 

Top Supplement Choices for Low Back Pain:

  •  MSM alleviates muscle spasms and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Recommended dosage: 8,000 mg, divided evenly throughout the day. 
  • Calcium and Magnesium are natural muscle relaxers when combined. Typically, when one has lower back pain, the muscles tend to go into spasm. The reasons for this will vary from person to person. Regardless, those muscle spasms can cause debilitating pain. By taking a “Cal and Mag” supplement, you can help reduce that likelihood of painful spasms. Recommended dosage: 500mg of Cal and 250mg of Mag, twice a day. 
  • Vitamin C is great for so many things (e.g. immune system) but does not get enough credit as a supplement for reducing inflammation and strengthening connective tissue (another reason you my experience lower back pain). Recommended dosage: 1,000 mg, three times a day. 
  • Ginger is a versatile herb that can reduce both inflammation and pain. It’s been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years and is included in many dishes (especially in Asia) because of its health benefits. I highly recommend drinking tea throughout the day and adding fresh ginger to your meals. You can also take is three times a day in a capsule form for an extra boost. 
  • Fish oil is absolutely essential to the body. Among its many health benefits, fish oil specifically helps reduce inflammation and pain. I typically take 4 capsules throughout the day (double what the bottle recommends) for a greater affect. The goal is to heal FAST!

Acupuncture and/or Massage Therapy help tremendously, but we want to do everything possible to get our body to heal FAST! This is why attacking the issue from multiple angles will be, in my opinion, much more effective in bringing rapid results. 

If you or someone you know experiences low back pain, feel free to share this article and use the above recommendations along with your Sports Acupuncture/Massage treatments. Best of all, visit our website and schedule a complimentary consultation now.

**Always consult with a healthcare provider prior to taking any supplements especially if you are on medications**

Written by Dimitri Boules LAc, LMT, CPE, CPT